Everyone is unique, with unique needs.

Typically our objective process looks like this...

Free Consultation

Half-hour session to identify requirements and ascertain the level of support required. Outline scope and propose terms of engagement.

Session One

One hour session. Psychometric assessment(s) to explore preferences, motivations and/or aspirations.

Session Three

One hour session. Action Planning related to requirements. This may include option choices, degree choices, employment choices. Feedback on research related to individual requirements and/or further skills development.

Session Two

One hour session. Comprehensive feedback on findings and planning utilising unique individual requirements. Typically, using employability statistical data and/or skills development. Report made available to individual.


The above is priced at £150 plus £25 per psychometric assessment (one assessment is typical). Another option, which works very well for many young people either at school or university as well as graduates is two sessions at £99 plus £25 per psychometric assessment.

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