Supporting your groups or school.

Potential Directions can support your group or school, either in-curriculum or on an extra-curricular basis using Six Modules For Success™, or a custom approach. This allows you to focus in key areas and integrate with existing support that may exist.

All content is rooted in fact, data and science, using psychometric assessments, proven methodology and best-practice from the commercial world. Sessions are delivered face-to-face by trained facilitators with current knowledge about the real world or work today. Six Modules For Success™ is interactive, experiential learning designed to stimulate minds.

Group sizes are typically from 12 to 30 participants. The process looks like this...

Module One - Learning Styles

Participants learn about different learning styles and experiment with their own style and the style of others.

Module Two - Personality Preferences

Using industry-leading psychometric assessment, participants learn about preferences and how these are affected by our environment and relationships with others.

Module Three - Leadership

Participants learn introductory theory of leadership and practise different techniques for themselves.

Module Four - 360° Feedback

Participants build on the fun from the previous week and are introduced to the complexities of communicating with multiple stakeholders.

Module Five - Interview Skills

Participants are videoed and receive feedback on their prepared interviews.

Module Six - Emotional Intelligence and Review

Emotional intelligence theory and review of learnings over the six weeks. All participants leave with an Action Plan for Success.

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